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Amazing Dental Information!

Dental Humor World Entertainment Value



There's no such thing, except for that Free Lunch - but I just Broke this Back Molar Tooth!

Now, I can really use some Free Dentistry.

61% Discount & more on your next Dental Treatment with Dental Insurance!



New & Free eBook & pdf File for you for 2024.

Super Fun Board Game!  Our Patients & Friends get this eBook as our Gift to you!

Images, Drawings, Photos, & Graphics abound. 



Find Dr. Lauren Friedman DDS & the Dental Staff

CarDriving Directions, & Bus Routes

Free Patient Parking in our large Free Parking Lots

Bus Routes to our Dental Office



SUDOKU Dental Insurance - Rules, Scoring, & Dental Continuing Education Units (CEU).

DICTIONARY of Dentistry Terms !

I thought the last Mathematics I needed to do was back in High School.

The more Dental Math I know, the Less I Pay.

Mathematics - Fun?  Insurance - Fun?  Are those Oxymorons, or are they for real ?!? 

Dental Insurers info for:  MetLife,  Delta Dental,  Anthem Blue Cross,  Humana,  United Concordia,  & more.



Dentistry's Good Ol' Doc & Dr. Femme finally have their own Websites. 

After 35 Years in Private Practice, Caution, Rated X-Ray.

See Dental Life in all of it's limited dimensionalities.



We are conversationally fluent in 5 or 6 Languages.  Dental Humor Philosophy

DENTAL SERVICES abound.  Check out the Colors, & the Colored Teeth we Restore. 

Check out the Colors, & the Colored Teeth we Restore. 



The DENTIST'S COOKBOOK.  Dental Recipes?  Of course! 

Learn how Dental Nurses cook up such tasty Cuisine & Dental Impressions.



Only a handful of Doctors have been Singers & Performers

And, fewer have their own Audio CD with Ten (10Original Songs, Dental / Medical Lyrics, & loads of Clever Diversions! 



We hear Ringtones in the Dental Office all day long - Cell Phones, Patients, Nurses, Staff, & the Dentist. 

"But, we don't appreciate when they stop to talk on the Telephone while they put 4 Cotton Rolls in my Mouth!"



Golf's New & Free eBook & pdf File for you for 2024.

Super Fun Golf Scoring Improvement Game!  

Our Patients & Friends get this eBook as our Gift to you!



Square Dance Definitions for MainstreamPlusAdvanced & Challenge C-1 

Super Fun & Easy Summaries of the Hardest Square Dance Calls! 

Ballroom Round Dance info, for your 2024 enjoyment..



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